GTA Online Racing Tier Lists

This page aims to give some background and provide quick links to view all the tiers, or sub-classes, for organised racing and quick performance understanding of vehicles within GTA Online. This video is also an option for an introduction and more background.
Written by: Broughy1322

While tier lists can be found via the GTA 5 Vehicles section of the site by choosing a class with the Class (Jobs) filter and then sorting by Race tier, links are also provided below to automate this task and quickly skip to the full tier lists for each raceable class.


When it comes to racing in GTA Online, most main classes (e.g. Supers, Sports, Muscle) have only one or two cars that can be used in a competitive setting because they’re so much quicker than everything else. However given there are a lot of vehicles in each class there are often groups of cars that are close to each other on performance, despite not being close to the top cars in the class.

Tier lists help to group together cars of similar speed in order for them to find use in an organised setting where they would otherwise not be viable, such that any group of racers can choose to limit their car selections to anything from, for example, the "Sports C" tier and be able to have a good race with whatever is chosen.


The tiers attributed to vehicles on this website are constantly updated and tweaked, with help from some of the best racers in the community, to refine the general conclusions that can be made when combining results from lap time and top speed testing. They relate to regular races on balanced tracks - stunt races or more unique layouts will naturally have some cars suit better than others. In addition, tiers only apply to the class the car is racing in - a B tier muscle car does not perform the same as a B tier sports car.

Preference is given to having multiple cars at the top of a tier with one or two cars slightly off the pace, rather than having one or two be slightly quicker, if there have to be gaps. Finally, tiers are only available for vehicles that can be used in regular races in GTA Online. Non-raceable vehicles, such as rocket powered cars or arena war vehicles to name a few, do not have tiers assigned.

Other Example Searches

As an addendum to this page, other links are provided below that help automate other common or complex search filtering. These links can be used to get to information needed as quickly as possible, while also serving as a demonstration or starting off point for more complex filtering and sorting of vehicles on the site.