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GTACars.net is your one-stop auto-shop for all the information you could ever need about vehicles in all Grand Theft Auto games.

Owned and led by GTA racing YouTuber Broughy1322, you can be sure that everything on this site focuses on the hard facts. From performance to particulars, GTACars.net cuts away the fat and aims to serve as a source of truth by displaying all information taken directly from each game's handling files. With helpful articles and glossaries of terms, you'll also be able to increase your knowledge about what makes cars in GTA behave the way they do.

Watch this video to get a better understanding and overview of what you can do with the site, in addition to getting a bit of background on where it all came from (with a more detailed version below).


GTACars.net came into existence as a natural progression of Broughy1322's Master Spreadsheet for cars in GTA 5, which he has been continually maintaining since 2014. Originally a way to simply display lap times that came from his vehicle testing, that spreadsheet expanded over the years to include data directly from the game's handling files in addition to other useful information such as vehicle costs, number of seats, drivetrains, etc.

However there is only so much information that a spreadsheet can hold, and they aren't the most user-friendly experience in the world for general purposes. Broughy had for a long time wanted to translate the information he had gained over the years into a website, especially given other GTA info sites often come with subjective thoughts rather than objective data, if not just complete misinformation. He begun working on an early concept for the project in early 2021 with inssomniak, main programmer of the Project Homecoming FiveM server, and PhilHoff, one of his moderators on Twitch who had programmed numerous helpful chat commands.

Midway through the early design phases he became aware of the work andreww was doing as sole programmer of GTALens, which started life as a better alternative to Rockstar's Social Club when it comes to races and other jobs in GTA Online. Now considered the sister site of GTACars, GTALens contains multiple helpful tools for GTA Online and andreww was working on a vehicle catalogue section of the site. After getting together andreww agreed to come on board the GTACars team and split off the work he'd done to serve as a base for the GTACars site, which accelerated progress substantially.

What followed was months of developing ideas, gaining feedback from a small section of community testers, and iterating on concepts to ultimately bring andreww's pre-existing work in line with Broughy's original vision. In early 2022 GTACars.net was launched with a wealth of information for every vehicle in GTA 5. The ongoing goal is to add in more features over time, such as the ability to compare multiple vehicles side by side, as well as add vehicle data for all previous GTA games starting with GTA 4. This is just the beginning.

Support Us

From the very beginning Broughy has been very clear that he wants GTACars.net to be as easy to use and clean as possible without any needless waffle or advertisements filling the screen. Therefore he is choosing to pay for the upkeep of the site at this time to maintain a clean experience for users. You can support him by various means outlined here and all of those methods will help go towards the continued upkeep of the site. Should the site expand to where it is an untenable cost, other options may be sought. However the aim will always be to keep GTACars.net the most clean and simple way to look up car information in any GTA game.


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Vehicle Experts

Adam10603, Box007, Chilli, Eddlm, elusive, ikt, JJcannx2, Johnny362000, mr_Obst-im-Haus, Nismo, Pheenix, WildBrick142

Beta Testers & User Feedback

BelligerentENGNR, Da7K, Darogen, DiNmiTe, iambennyboy, Jan342, JJcannx2, mr_Obst-im-Haus, N04H, PapaVanTwee, Pheenix, R2Xdj

Information Sources

  • Lap times & top speeds come from testing conducted by Broughy1322, with methodology explained in the relevant pages under the "GTA 5" dropdown menu.
  • Writing credits are provided at the top of each article, for example on the "Upgrades" page for GTA 5 it states "Written by Broughy1322".
  • Vehicle image credits are provided below each image on the vehicle page, for example images will often come from Rockstar's Social Club.
  • Metadata glossary information initially came from a wide variety of sources that were collected together, checked, and improved upon (since there was often disparate, conflicting, or outdated information). It now continues to be kept up to date by the vehicle experts listed above.
  • All other information comes directly from the game code itself, parsed from the PC version of the game.


We do our best to make sure all information here is accurate and as most of it comes directly from the game's handling files, you can be confident in the information you see. However if you notice anything isn't how it should be (wrong image, incorrect value, etc) or run into any bugs while using the site, then please fill in this short form. You're also able to submit feature requests on that form, but please read the instructions before filling it out. Thanks!