Key Info

Game GTA 5
Type Car
Class Sports
Manufacturer Obey
Seats 2 (driver and passenger)
Drivetrain All wheel drive (50F/50R)
Mass 1,090 kg


L x W x H

4.1 x 1.93 x 1.87 m
Features Has liveries


Race Class SportsTier: F

Lap Time


81st out of 104 in Sports

Top Speed

112.5 mph

90th out of 104 in Sports

Off-Road Traction Loss 0.4
Upgrades Brakes, Engine, Transmission, Turbo
Improvements Has downforce, Has spoiler mod, Off-road wheels better

Buying, Storing & Upgrading

Storage location:
Upgrade location:

Acquisition option #1

Classic Rally

Online: $ 701,000

Source: SSASA

Variant: Classic Rally

Sell for: 60% of purchase price

Retro Rally

Online: $ 701,000

Source: SSASA

Variant: Retro Rally

Sell for: 60% of purchase price

In-game Descripton

The Obey Omnis was the poster child of the golden age of rallying, a period of deregulated innocence when a turbo-charged tin can could plough through a crowd of spectators on a muddy embankment and there wasn't a damn thing big government could do about it. This is one for the fans.



Released on
2016-07-12 (about 7 years ago)
Released with 9 other vehicles
Model ID omnis
Hash (signed) -777172681

Meta Flags

Handling Flags

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Misc Info

Mod kit


Dashboard type race
Plate type back_plates


(attractiveness for AI)

Wheels type sport

Technical Info

Model ID omnis
Hash (signed) -777172681
Hash (unsigned) 3517794615
Hash (hex) d1ad4937
Handling ID omnis
Texture ID omnis
GXT2 entry ID omnis
GXT2 entry value Omnis