Key Info

Game GTA 5
Type Car
Class Sports Classics
Manufacturer Declasse
Seats 2 (driver and passenger)
Drivetrain Rear wheel drive
Mass 1,160 kg


L x W x H

3.96 x 1.73 x 1.21 m
Features Has liveries


Race Class Sports ClassicsTier: E

Lap Time


25th out of 42 in Sports Classics

Top Speed

117 mph

18th out of 42 in Sports Classics

Off-Road Traction Loss 1
Upgrades Brakes, Engine, Transmission, Turbo

Buying, Storing & Upgrading

Storage location:
Upgrade location:

Acquisition option #1

Online: $ 995,000

Source: Legendary Motorsport

Sell for: 60% of purchase price

In-game Descripton

The Mamba harks back to a simpler time in car design, when the only real question was how much engine you could cram into an elegant frame before it tore itself apart. Judging from the high mortality rate Declasse hit a winning formula - but don't take our word for it. Once you hit the freeway and feel that primal roar beneath you as the bodywork starts to disintegrate you'll know you made the right choice.

Legendary Motorsport


Released on
2015-12-15 (over 7 years ago)
Released with 24 other vehicles
Model ID mamba
Hash (signed) -1660945322

Meta Flags

Handling Flags

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Misc Info

Mod kit


Dashboard type dukes
Plate type back_plates


(attractiveness for AI)

Wheels type muscle

Technical Info

Model ID mamba
Hash (signed) -1660945322
Hash (unsigned) 2634021974
Hash (hex) 9cfffc56
Handling ID mamba
Texture ID mamba
GXT2 entry ID mamba
GXT2 entry value Mamba