Brioso R/A

Key Info

Game GTA 5
Type Car
Class Compacts
Manufacturer Grotti
Seats 2 (driver and passenger)
Drivetrain All wheel drive (50F/50R)
Mass 850 kg


L x W x H

3.72 x 1.71 x 1.55 m
Features Has liveries


Race Class CompactsTier: A

Lap Time


3rd out of 15 in Compacts

Top Speed

103.75 mph

6th out of 15 in Compacts

Off-Road Traction Loss 0.8
Upgrades Brakes, Engine, Transmission, Turbo
Improvements Has spoiler mod

Buying, Storing & Upgrading

Storage location:
Upgrade location:

Acquisition option #1

Atomic Tires

Online: $ 155,000

Source: SSASA

Variant: Atomic Tires

Sell for: 60% of purchase price


Online: $ 155,000

Source: SSASA

Variant: Sprunk

Sell for: 60% of purchase price

Acquisition option #2

Online: $ 0 + Luck

Source: Potential prize from Casino Lucky Wheel

Sell for: 60% of installed mods' price

In-game Descripton

You favor light, compact, versatile car design. You believe a hot hatch can be just as macho as a lumbering supercar. You describe yourself as having a "big personality". You know who you are. Just buy the damn car and get it over with.



Released on
2016-07-12 (about 7 years ago)
Released with 9 other vehicles
Model ID brioso
Prerequisite to Brioso R/A (HSW)
Hash (signed) 1549126457

Meta Flags

Handling Flags

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Misc Info

Mod kit


Dashboard type cavalcade
Plate type back_plates


(attractiveness for AI)

Wheels type tuner

Technical Info

Model ID brioso
Hash (signed) 1549126457
Hash (unsigned) 1549126457
Hash (hex) 5c55cb39
Handling ID brioso
Texture ID brioso
GXT2 entry ID brioso
GXT2 entry value Brioso R/A